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1. Partner-up with companies from around the world and share their expertise


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Get Rewarded

Monetize your connections!

wind2share is a social referral network where you can monetize connections by partnering up with leading companies around the world and referring them potential clients and business opportunities. If those referrals are successful, you will receive compensations and generate benefits that will help you achieve your maximum potential as an entrepreneur. 

You will also be able to create your own business network, form strategic partnerships with other members and invite new companies on board.

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Create your own Business Network

Invite people to join and share the benefits

Invite people to join wind2share and receive a Sponsor Fee for each successful referral they make. Partner up with them, making a Split and work on referral and business opportunities together. In case those referrals are successful, you and your partners will share the fees generated as a result of the referral or business. To know more:

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Promote and join business projects

Are you currently working on a new business project? Find strategic allies and expertise to make your project happen.

Are you interested in joining other people’s projects instead? As a wind2share member, you get to explore the business marketplace and participate in business projects and ventures shared by fellow members.