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What is wind2share?

wind2share is a Social Referral Network where people can connect and relate to leading companies and engage in new referral and business opportunities. 

wind2share allows members to benefit from their social and professional relationships, providing incentives to refer potential clients to institutions and companies and promote their own Business projects.

wind2share is also a unique platform for institutions and companies to cultivate relations worldwide by supporting themselves on ambassadors who have the local expertise to help them enter new markets.

It is very easy for members to refer potential clients to participating institutions, through an automated system that allows them to see the progress and status of their referrals. Institutions´representatives receive those referrals to contact the client directly and begin the process of cultivating a professional and commercial relationship. 

Learn more about the wind2share spirit and philosphy and about the benefits you will be able to generate through our network



What are wind2share´s main features?



If you know someone you think would be a successful member of wind2share, you should consider referring him/her to the network. We will compensate you for this new member’s successful referrals by giving you a Sponsor Fee, which is equivalent to 5% of the income generated by his/her referrals.

For more information about compensations click here!



A complete list of all participating institutions to which any member, across the globe, can refer leads to. Click on any of them to see their profiles, or select the one you are looking for and click on "Refer" and start Making a Wealth of Referrals™. 



Do you have a business idea? Are you looking for investors, partners, associates, etc? Tell us about your business idea and we will help you connect with the right people using our search engine, with the help of our Business Development Team. 

*legal conditions are displayed in our “terms & conditions”. Please contact us for further information.



Post your future and present travel plans so that other members can contact you and coordinate meetings and potential new business opportunities.

You can also manage your calendar and block spaces in which you are already committed to other activities, such as, business meetings, reunions, free time, etc.



Send messages to any wind2share member or representative through a simple and intuitive tool. Representantives can also send massive messages to members by country, city or just by name. 



Every institution has its own blog in wind2share. They are constantly sharing valuable information about their expertise areas, informational brochures, presentations and general news about their companies. It is a great tool to keep you updated on what they are working on, their main services and target markets. 









How will I earn rewards?

You will earn rewards based on the successful referrals you make to participating companies and institutions.

Each member enter the network with a 30% Entrepreneurial level. But this level can increase according to your performance, meaning ¨the more referrals you make, the more rewards you will get". 


 wind2share entreprenerial level


Watch this video for more information or contact us with any questions!

What are the different ways to receive Referrals Fees?

wind2share offers its members different ways to receive compensations and generate growth. There are 3 diferent kinds of compensations, based on the members own referral activity and the level of activity of new members invited by them. 

 direct compensation


sponsor fee


wind2share splits 

For more info on compensations and rewards, please click here for a FULL PRESENTATION

How will I receive my Referral Fees?

Quarterly, we will deposit the member's compensations in the bank account of their preference and they will be able to check their record of activity, through the "Account Statements" section on the platform.

Additional info and legal conditions are explained in the "terms & conditions" in

How do I edit My Profile?

In the upper right corner of your home page, you will see your name. You can click there and a menu will display with different options including: edit my profile, account settings and change password.

The following image is just an example to show what you will see: 


You can click and modify the information you want displayed about yourself or, in the case that you're a Corporate Member, your company. Other members will only see the information you are willing to share so don´t worry!

Can I upload documents to My Profile, such as My CV, instead of adding all the information manually?


Yes! In the “Career Path” section of your profile editing wizard, you can upload your CV with only one click.

Also, you are able to link your LinkedIn professional information with your wind2share work profile. This way you won´t have to re-type all your work experience and academic data. (See the following image as example)

upload your cv in wind2share


How do I reset my Password?

1. At the upper right corner of your home page, you will see your name. If you click on it, a menu will display different options. Among those, the Change Password option will be the last. 

2. You will be redirected to the “change password” main page through which you will be able to set a new password. You must enter your current password in order to change it to a new one, so please have that in mind.

How can I change My Profile Picture?

You can change your profile picture on the profile editing wizard we reviewed a few questions ago when discussing how you can edit your profile. 

1.   Click on the upper right corner of your home site, where your name appears and choose "Complete my profile".

2.   You will be redirected to your profile editing wizard.

3.   On the left menú, you will see the option "Profile Picture". Click “choose file”, and search for the profile picture you want to upload in your computer.

4.   After you've selected the profile picture you want to use, click “upload profile picture”.

(The following image is an example to help you)



Having trouble?

Remember, there are some limitations in terms of size and file format:

Pick the photo file you want as your profile picture (4MB max), with any of the following file formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) and then click "upload profile picture"

My hobbies and interests are not being saved correctly, why is this happening?

After you type in the word you are looking for, press “enter”. After you’ve added all your interests and hobbies correctly, please remember to click “save changes”.

If you added a word by mistake, click on the “X” mark, and it will delete it self.

IMPORTANT: The same process applies for the “skills” section in your profile.

Why are my interests, hobbies and strengths important for My Profile?

It is important to share as much information as you can about your self, the things you like to do, the strengths you have as a professional and as a person, so other members can get to know you better and see how your personalities could work together in strategic alliances. 

We believe the business world is more than having contacts, it´s about cultivating relationships and sharing visions and points of view. Share yours and Start Making a Wealth of Referrals!

I changed my temporary password but I can´t log in. What should I do? 

Your temporary password is only intended for ONE entry.  After you log in for the first time, the system will automatically ask you for a new password.

If you already did this… Make sure you are typing in your password correctly. Remember those fields are case sensitive.

In case you are having trouble with it, you can go to wind2share and request a password recovery in the log-in window. You will receive instructions by email to complete the process in a secure way. 

If you keep having troubles to log-in, please contact