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In wind2share we believe in the power of relationships and the thousands doors that can be opened if we can learn from the right expertise and utilize connections to make things happen. We also know how hard it can be to aim your efforts toward the right activities and achieve your maximum potential while generating benefits for everyone around you.

In today’s world, most companies have no way to meaningfully connect through social media to do business and reach new markets through a referral model. On the other hand, people don’t have significant financial incentives to make recommendations and referrals in a world that is constantly leaning towards peer recommendations, rather than traditional advertising. So why not create an environment that will allow these two sectors to connect, relate to each other and share the benefits? 

wind2share is a Social Referral Network where you and your company can partner-up with some of the world’s leading companies in several industries and generate benefits based on successful referrals while growing your own “Business Network”, which will allow you to boost opportunities and make new business projects a reality, helping you become a more prosperous entrepreneur.

wind2share is a catalyst environment where connections are turned into opportunities, opportunities into powerful relationships, and these relationships into benefits. We want to help you go forward by providing you with the tools and resources necessary to achieve your maximum entrepreneurial potential, and provide you with substantial benefits and rewards based on your efforts and the efforts of those who you´ve invited to your business network. 

Creating your very own business network will enable you to form strategic partnerships with people who know you and trust you, and share your interests as well as complement your skills. These relationships will serve as a way to maximize your relationships in order to incubate and nurture business opportunities together and share referrals compensations and benefits.

You will also have the opportunity to share the expertise of leading and premiere companies from around the world with the people who need it, and help them achieve their maximum potential by getting them closer to expert solutions tailored to their needs.

If you are a member:

  • Connect with people and companies around the world
  • Create your own Business Network
  • Refer the expertise and services of participating companies to potential clients
  • Earn rewards and compensations based on successful referrals and achieve your maximum potential

If you want to offer your company’s services:

  • Connect with thousands of ambassadors worldwide with the local expertise to help you enter new markets
  • Engage and partner up with other companies
  • Receive hundreds of referrals and pay referrals fees only when those are successful.