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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Week of November 8 Preview

Etiquette&FAQ — Meet Brooke Logan

When Brooke testified on Bill's behalf during the hearing, which he lost, she was surprised to find Bill kissing her and told him she was devoted to Ridge.

  • I do have an Amazon wishlist with a few items I would love to receive! Brooke was able to help Ridge remember things after Amber spotted Ridge with Morgan in Italy and brought him home.

  • When Brooke learned Ridge had kissed Shauna, who was bunking in the Forrester guest house while Ridge stayed in the mansion, Brooke confronted Shauna and slapped her, only to be smacked down herself by Quinn, who was enraged at Brooke's treatment of her friend.

  • Brooke had papers drawn up so Hope could adopt Thomas' son, Douglas Forrester; however, when Ridge accused Brooke of stealing her grandson, Brooke took off her wedding ring.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, November 9: Katie Rages, Douglas Grills, Brooke’s Defense

Brooke gave Rick a free pass and tried to win Ridge from Caroline; when Ridge rejected her, Brooke lamented her single state and began drinking heavily, making slurred asides during Bill and Katie's wedding.

  • Brooke repeatedly tried to convince Hope not to get an annulment from Liam but failed; Brooke noticed Thomas' intensity toward Hope and fought with Ridge after he came over to Thomas' side and encouraged a relationship between Thomas and Hope.

  • However, Brooke learned that Stephanie had gotten Thomas to lie in exchange for her 25% share in Forrester; Brooke made Stephanie pay by forcing her to sing in public.

  • Brooke turned her attentions toward Nick, who was already married to Bridget; Brooke shot at Stephanie after Stephanie presented Brooke a gun with which to kill herself.