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Incest in film

No one would believe a guy like Xander Cage would be recruited as an undercover agent in any sort of organization, but that's not really the point.

  • The various couplings are haphazard, loveless affairs in which most of the women are as anxious to release sexual tension as he is.

  • Screenplay: Matt Black, Laurence Vannicelli.

  • Or, at least the dialogue coming out of their mouths is awful.

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Rob Cohen is far from a great filmmaker and you only need to see how the dialogue is delivered to know he isn't looking for anything with substance.

  • Jonas enjoys his life with his boyfriend Matas.

  • This film might appeal to the fast and furious crowds but anyone else will find nothing but boring Diesel attempts at being a central character.

  • In order to earn money, Jonas accepts to star in a porno film with his ex-girlfriend Akvile.

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