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The 10 Most Perverse Movies of All Time

Gypsy 1962 Mervyn LeRoy’s musical comedy-drama is the story of a resolute and overbearing stage mother, Rose Hovick Rosalind Russell and her tireless attempt to live out her dreams through her two daughters.

  • It promises sharks propelled by tornados, delivers on that promise in the very first shot of the film, and then keeps on delivering.

  • Lucky Written by Brea Grant and directed by Natasha Kermani, Lucky introduces May Grant , an author in a sophomore slump.

  • The story contains no sexual component until they are married.

10 Taboo Anime That You Would Rather Not Get Caught Enjoying

Precious gives birth to two children as a result.

  • For more videos from entertainment.

  • Year: 1974 Director: Jack Hill Essentially a remake or sequel to Coffy from a year earlier, Foxy Brown is pretty much that film with another layer of gritty blaxploitation appeal.

  • Shot in white and black format, the movie was banned because it 'defied Indian sensibilities'.