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Indian Masala Aunties Navel Gallery: 2011

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10 Causes of Smelly Belly Button with Treatments

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Belly button bbw Fat Under

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Belly button bbw Fat Under

Belly button bbw Fat Under

Belly button bbw Bruise Below

6 Plus Size Belly Button Piercing Facts To Consider Before Getting A Navel Ring

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Innie Belly Button vs. Outie Belly Button: Causes & More

This part of the body is warm and damp.

  • So when pain strikes, it requires a bit of sleuthing.

  • Changes in Diet The first thing you need to do to stop accumulating fat under the belly button is to follow a strict diet.

  • Photos can be deceiving, especially if you're holding your tummy when you took them.

The Unexpectedly Fat Date

The wounds from the pierce turn into scabs.

  • Is it indigestion, food poisoning, a stomach bug—or a more chronic condition? So, to find the answer to how to get rid of the pouch under the belly button you must change your lifestyle.

  • Perhaps that is why arm wrestling is a long-honored way to prove one's strength.

  • When will the pain around my belly button resolve? Your hernia may go away without treatment.